Sacred Space Yoga

23316 Hwy 80 East

Statesboro, GA 30461

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First time at the studio?​

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before class start time. You will to be greeted by a studio staff and asked to sign a registration form. Cubbies are provided for your shoes and belongings.

  • Please refer to studio etiquette for more info.

Do I need a mat?​

  • Having your own personal mat is great. Especially when practicing at home or on the go.

  • Don't have a mat? We have you covered. The studio has plenty of mats and props at your disposal.

  • We simply ask you are mindful of how you treat these items and that you spray them down and clean them at the end of class.

What should I wear?​

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you are able to move freely in. Please be mindful of modesty.

  • Socks are not recommended as the floor and mats can be slippery.

How do I set up? What props do I need?​

  • The teacher’s mat will be set up at the front of the practice space with every prop you will need for that particular class.

  • Set up your mat accordingly. Feel free to add any props you desire to support and enhance your practice.

How is yoga different?​

  • Many western traditions view yoga as yet another form of fitness and exercise. At Sacred Space we hold true to the more traditional approach to yoga. Yoga means to “yoke” or unite. Yoga offers a way to unite body, mind, and spirit through practices such as asana (movement), breath work (pranayama), and meditation (dyana). We are complex beings and the practice of yoga allows for a person to find connection between the different aspects of their being. When balance is experienced healing and wholeness take place.

I'm not flexible.​

  • Clinically this is an impossibility. Everyone is flexible just to different degrees.  

  • But I get what you are saying. Maybe you can’t touch your toes or can’t do the splits. The things traditionally associated with what social media tells us yoga is. (Refer to How yoga is different?)

  • That's ok. Yoga isn't about being flexible or touching your toes. Yoga is about the journey, about what you learn on the way down to reach your toes. Whether you ever arrive is inconsequential.

Do you provide water?​

  • We are a green studio. We offer filter water in a dispenser. Please bring your own refillable vessel.

  • You are welcome to bring your water to your mat so long as the container has a lid.

What classes do you offer?​

  • You can find a list of the classes we offer along with descriptions HERE.

Are your classes beginner friendly?​

  • Many of our classes are beginner friendly. When reading class descriptions look for the words “beginner friendly”

  • You will also see the intensity level and pace of the class.

Where do I find the schedule?​

  • Our schedule can be found on punchpass. Follow this link to the be taken there directly.

How do I sign up?​

  • You can register for classes thru punchpass.

  • Click on the schedule link

  • Select which class you’d like to attend

  • A registration form will pop up

  • Fill registration form and click reserve my spot

  • You are ready to go.

  • You can also register at the studio. Arrive a few minutes ahead of class to help the process be smooth.

  • Certain classes have an attendance limit. While not necessary we encourage you to register for classes ahead of time to ensure your spot.

How often should I practice yoga?​

  • Yoga is a practice and like anything else be it sports, fitness, nutrition, etc. the more consistent the practice the greater the benefits.

  • We encourage you to attend classes 2-3 times a week and to have a personal in home practice for optimal results.

What does Namaste mean?​

  • Namaste is a sanskrit word. Sanskrit is the language of yoga just as french is the language of dance.

  • There are many variations to Namaste.

  • At Sacred Space we affirm Namaste to mean I see you, I honor you, I respect you.

  • It is a traditional yogic greeting that shows acknowledgement and respect.

Is yoga a religion?​

  • Yoga is a philosophy. While historically it has been associated with Hinduism the practice of yoga itself has no religion. It is practice that is experienced physically, mentally, and emotionally. It can be experienced by any practitioner of any background; religious, cultural, ethnic, or otherwise.

What is sanskrit?​

  • Sanskrit is the language of yoga just as french is the language of dance. It is an indian language still recognized today. It is mainly a written and ceremonial language which makes its pronunciations difficult and varying at times. It is the main language used for yoga postures outside of English.

Why practice in studio?​

  • Yoga can be practiced anywhere. However, practicing in a studio space comes with some extra perks:

  • Community: being surrounded by like minded people who support your journey

  • Instruction: your practice is guided by a skilled instructor who can offer adjustments and modifications to help your practice

  • Distractions: the studio atmosphere limits the distractions of home whether it be spouse, children, doorbell, etc.

  • Self care: setting aside time to care for your body, mind, and spirit is a beautiful way to self care.

What does it take to be a yoga teacher?​

  • Please visit the Yoga Teacher training page for more info.


Sacred Space has given me the push to grow within my own practice as well as my teaching. As an instructor here, I can genuinely say that the energy in the room is always positive and creative. Angel is always inclusive and the instructors are consistently working to create a positive practice space for all students.

- Alexis McGhee (Staff)

I really enjoyed Sacred Space.  The atmosphere was very relaxing and the people there were very welcoming to a new comer like myself.  I was very impressed with the mats and the yoga blankets you provided as it made my experience that much more enjoyable. I will definitely be coming back to enjoy your studio and hope to be bringing some friends along.

- Terri Crosson (Student)

Sacred Space offers a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere which is conducive to stress relief and calm. The instructors are encouraging and challenge you to explore what may be most beneficial for you and your individual needs. Whether it be strength, increased flexibility, relaxation or meditation, Sacred Space can help you become healthier and happier.

- Andi Johnson (Student)

I enjoyed my hour session, did work up a sweat, but felt wonderful afterward. Sacred Space was beautiful, NO clutter, a perfect place for everything.  Wonderful flow, very peaceful.

- Justine Skaar (Student)

Sacred Space ensures that my time there is very stress-less!  It is very calming. It is awesome the variety of classes offered to meet targeted needs.  The staff are welcoming and helpful. The class is beneficial for overall health. I am so thankful to have been able to attend.  Thank you all!

- Vicki Bookhoop (Student)

Thanks, Angel. I appreciate your offering the free weekend of Yoga to help introduce more people to the benefits of nourishing self care.  Sacred Space is a lovely welcoming oasis and a welcome addition to Statesboro's wellness landscape. Blessings.

- Shari Barr (Student)

Ms Angel at Sacred Space is an incredible woman. She offered time and guidance to the youth that were brought to Sacred Space. She provided insight, support, and allowed the girls to be themselves during the sessions that we were able to attend. I really think that everyone could use a healthy dose of Angel everyday!

- Patricia Olsen (Student)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Sacred Space. Each staff member was kind and encouraging, and the yoga session was fun and relaxing! I can tell that it's a great place for both individuals and families to go.

- Madison Maine (Student)