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Dig Deep Program

Dig Deep is a program designed to help deepen your practice. It’s based on the concept of personal training and individualized attention without the huge price tag. You can expect a small group of 2-6 people.  You can count on achieving a deeper understanding of foundational concepts, improved mobility, flexibility, stability, and strength. Dig Deep fosters a challenging environment which simultaneously offers support & guidance, while promoting growth.

Session # 4 - Asana Fundamentals

Come explore the fundamental poses of yoga in this 4 week series. Whether you're new to yoga or you've been practicing for years, this series will provide you the opportunity to experience the poses of a physical yoga practice in a way that allows you to explore and focus on how each pose feels in your body. The small group setting is perfect for personalized feedback. Space is limited so make sure to reserve your place soon.

Session length: 4 Weeks

  • Wednesdays 11AM - Noon

  • August 21st - September 11th 

  • Cost: $40 / $35 for members

  • A fraction of the cost of a single private session. 

Session # 5 - Yamas & Niyamas

Are you looking to take your yoga practice further than just your postures and breathwork?


Then this Dig Deep is perfect for YOU! Join me as we work on the first 2 limbs of the yoga practice; the Yamas & Niyamas. These are ethical guidelines of the practice. Practices such as contentment, discipline, non stealing, and more. For the first 5 weeks of this 6 week series we will learn how to live 1 Yama & 1 Niyama both on and off the mat. In the final week we will put them all together and reflect on the previous 5 weeks.

Session length: 6 Weeks

  • Mondays 6-7pm

  • October 7th - November 11th

  • Cost: $60 / $50 for members

Dig Deep" is a program designed to deepen one's physical and metal practice. 


This is a short description of the program. What you personally gain is much more.


The first day is an hour: of nervous laughs, frustration because you are the only one not able to get in the poses, being completely exhausted from working so hard to keep your barriers up, and hiding your authentic self from your classmates.


But as the weeks pass, your classmates become your fellow yogis and your biggest supporters! The poses become a thought of the past as your inner barriers fade away....and the practice takes over. 


The Breathing, the Modifications, the Self-Acceptance


This is my "Dig Deep."

- Dig Deep Participant Testimonial